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 Current Litter born January 11th, 2019

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Danny - Sire

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on a spay or neuter contract*.

Prices on request


 Our "kids" will always be your loyal companion, give back more love than they expect. They can sense if you are having a bad day, sit closely at your side to comfort you, and will kiss your pain and sadness away. 

The most important thing to know is that our healthy, happy Yorkies are part of our family, like our children and are seldom left alone. Raised in our loving home, we groom and play with them every day and all have friendly, outgoing personalities. We do NOT keep our Yorkies in kennels. Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent, spirited and alert. One of the world's smallest dogs, this affectionate breed is always willing to please. These cuddling and kissing little sweethearts will be difficult to resist! Our pre-spoiled babies love lap time. They are well started to being house trained, they use the pee pad and know how to go in and out of out doggie door.

Their coats are black & tan as puppies, when they mature, their coats will be steel blue and tan, lustrous, silky and gorgeous texture. They are charting to mature between 5 - 7 pounds.

These little darlings come with a current vaccinations and Florida Health Certificate. All their shots, worming and complete health check will be administered by our veterinarian to ensure your new puppy is totally healthy.

If for any reason your new puppy is unable to adapt to your family or home, we ask that you notify us first.

Reserve your Puppy Now: $300.00 non-refundable deposit.

 *Prices reflect pet homes.  Yorkies adopted as pets are required to be spayed/neutered.

“Don't let their size fool you... Yorkies have a big heart and they will devote it to you"

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Email mailto:measkids@gmail.com





Please see our About Yorkshire Terriers pages for care, feeding and

information for your new puppy.


About us

We keep Yorkies as our pets and occasionally have litters of puppies, no more than one or two litters per year.  We'd love to keep them all, but that is simply not possible.  So, when we need to find homes for our puppies, we will post their pictures, descriptions, and up to date pictures, at My Yorkie Heaven.com.


About You

You are stable, personally responsible, caring, and able provide the time, energy, love, affection and resources that may be required to care for a dog in your care.  You do NOT run a puppy mill. We try to ensure that our babies go to safe & loving homes that are committed to provide a forever home. We ask that prospective parents are familiar with caring for small dogs or are willing to call us anytime a problem occurs or a question comes up. Please look over our About Yorkshire Terriers page for valuable safety and caring information. Our preference is that puppies would not be left alone any longer than is absolutely necessary.  For their safety, we ask that families with very small children, under 6 years old, and who may be unclear about the term "toy breed", consider obtaining an older or larger breed dog for a pet.

We do NOT have Teacup Yorkies

There is no official designation of Teacup, micro-mini, teddy bear or doll face, in CKC or AKC, and no respectable breeder would breed for tiny Yorkshire Terriers (less than 4 pounds). The practice of breeding to mutate Yorkies into tiny dogs is an exercise in greed by the breeder.  The same goes for the accidents that pseudo-breeders sell for premium prices known a Yorkiepoos, Chorkies, Morkies and others.

***Please read***

The Teacup Puppy Phenomenon



The most important thing to know is that our Yorkies are part of our family: like children. They are raised in our home, we groom and play with them every day, and all have friendly, outgoing personalities. We are NOT a "kennel". We do not have any kennels.

Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent, spirited and alert. One of the world's smallest dogs, this affectionate breed is always willing to please.


A written agreement between buyer and seller to the effect that AKC registration papers will not be furnished to the buyer until the seller has been furnished with evidence that the dog has been neutered or spayed is acceptable under our rules. If a dog is sold under such conditions, it is important that the agreement be signed by the buyer before the dog leaves the seller’s premises. Many breeders using this type of agreement include clauses to the effect that the dog must be spayed or neutered by a certain date (or age). 

A Note About Pricing


We did our research and took our time to find quality Yorkies that look like Yorkies. Therefore, we paid more for our Yorkies to assure they are free of disabling generic and congenital defects. We take great delight in assuring that our gorgeous Mommy and Daddy are always in excellent health, given only the best of care and always tons of love. Our adorable healthy puppies are well socialized, groomed daily, full of energy and affection which are inherited qualities from their mommy and daddy. We know you will see Yorkie puppies that cost less, but choose carefully as you will get what you pay for. A puppy price may be a factor, but it should never be the deciding factor. A Yorkie that cost less now may save you initial expense, but will cost more in vet bills later.

Our Puppies will remain in our care until they are 12 weeks old.

If you would like to reserve one or more puppies, we are accepting a $300.00 deposit for each to hold your new puppy for you.


We will add more pictures as they grow.


“Don't let their size fool you... Yorkies have a big heart and they will devote it to you"

To reserve a puppy or make arrangements to visit with our puppies, please  Email mailto:measkids@gmail.com